How To Find Perfect Bra Size – Choose the Right Size of Bra

How To Find Perfect Bra Size – Choose the Right Size of Bra

Ever wondered? That you are picking the right or the wrong size of bra? NO WORRIES! Once you read this article you will be much confident while choosing the perfect bra size for you. Here we are sharing some points to consider while buying any type of bras like Push Up bra, Underline bra, Bralette braSports bra, and so on.

Do You Wear The Right Size Bra?


According to a survey, 75% of women wear the wrong size bra. Here are a couple of indications that you may not be wearing the correct bra size: Slipping Straps, Digging Band, Side Boob, Gaping Cup, Under Boob, etc. A well-fitted bra isn’t just significant for the correct look, but it also enhances your body posture and gives you perfect needed support. Do you think? You are one of them who are facing any of the bra issues listed above then you must go to a professional’s choice.

How to Find the Right Bra Size


Most of us do not get the perfect size of a bra. Because we don’t measure it on a regular basis. As it is always better to measure your bra size after every three to six months time period or just before buying the new bra. You can measure your perfect size of bra at home in just a few minutes. Follow some easy steps to get to know your right bra size:-

Find Your Perfect Size of Bra


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Wrap a measuring tape underneath your breasts. The tape should be parallel with the bottom of your bra band. This measurement is your band size. If you found an even number add 4 inches in it and If you found an odd number add 5 inches in it. The sum of this number is your perfect band-size bra. (If you found 34 inches so your band size is 38. If you found 35 inches so your band size is 40.)


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Wrap a measuring tape loosely around your bust (at nipple level). The tape should be not too loose nor too tight. Also, make sure that it has no curves it should be straight.


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  • Let’s take a tape and wrap it round your bust/cup completely in front of a mirror.
  • Always make sure that the tape is not held in too tight or too loose manner while measuring. Also, ensure that the tape is not twisted and or not falling down.
  • Now take the measurement and round it off to its nearest complete number. Then subtract your band size from this measurement.

Eg; For calculating your cup size, subtract the band size from the bust size. (If your bust size is 40 and your band size is 36. 40–36=4 So, your cup size is 4 and your perfect size of bra is 36D).

Last But Not The Least! Always Go With The Trends

In every season clothing designs come out with different styles, colours, and trends, to freshen up your closet. Lingerie clothing designs are no different. The best lingerie bands follow the latest trends to keep you updated and to ensure your lingerie always matches your outwears. You all must go with the perfect lingerie that compliments your favorite clothing and gives you inner confidence as well. This is going to make you feel amazing both inside and out. 

I hope this article will help you to find the perfect size of bra. Our motive is to spread knowledge and add value to people’s lifestyles.

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